LogiqueMantra is an immensely focused and a complete service global digital organization. We specialize in providing mobile application , web designing and software related services. We have a strong and committed approach to deliver effective and efficient business solutions. This approach has not only helped us to build the best client relationships but also a healthy book of business in the market.

Our vision is to become a leading global agency by providing world class services and ensuring product delivery success. Our dedicated task force energizes and works to achieve the vision. LogiqueMantra’s vision is well-supported by its team’s mission to be over the top. It is the strong will of the LogiqueMantra team that has made us the first choice for the client. Our solutions are a culmination of the basic as well as advanced-level business requirements, specific client needs and effective analysis of the market strategy.

As you move along with us, you will observe that we offer our services in various forms of business enhancement models to scale up your business. By using these models, you will come across a great deal of expertise and dedication; patience to deliver the most effective business solutions and enhanced performance for your business processes. We not only ensure to achieve maximum value for your investment but also provide an edge over the competition. LogiqueMantra’s comprehensive service offerings enable effective and efficient business and technical transformation within any organization by using suitable technologies.

LogiqueMantra® is quality oriented Java, Android, iPhone, Web Designing, PHP, C/C++ and Tally Training Institute of Jhansi, UP, India. It is managed by a team of highly talented professionals who have minimum5-10 years of combined I.T. Development experience. The mission of LogiqueMantra is to make engineering graduates and professionals employable so that they can have blooming careers.

Java, Android, iPhone, Web Designing, PHP, C and C++are technologies that are used in the development of applications of different domains. Any technology can be applied only if it is learned conceptually i.e. a learner knows what it is, how it should or should not be used, what advantages it provide, where it can be applied etc. Applied and Conceptual Training is the USP of LogiqueMantra.

The goal of LogiqueMantra is to provide practical and core conceptual knowledge in the domain of high end Training in the years to come. To achieve our goal we have charted a path for ourselves, main elements of which are our students and professionals who shall move us to the top. The success that we have achieved so far is the indicator that we are moving swiftly towards our goal.

We are in the process of identifying and implementing new value added services for our students. One of such value added service is the facility of attending classes of one course any number of times i.e. students can join LogiqueMantra in courses not in batches.

I invite all of you to join LogiqueMantra to share your dreams/Aim with us and to let us help you in achieving them because we sincerely believe that if we can help you in realizing your dreams then our dream shall automatically be fulfilled.

Vijay Badoniya