Mobile Application Development

In today’s world, mobile technology has taken centre stage and the organizations are functioning towards the goal of making significant advancements in the mobile space. LogiqueMantra also enables the clients to stay connected all the time. Moreover, we try our best to effectively move beyond the desktop world to keep pace with the technological advancements as well as our client’s requirements.

We offer mobile/PDA application solutions that help the clients to communicate better through the custom mobile devices. We design and build mobile applications that are user-friendly and are easy for quick data processing. Thus, we tend to leverage not only our industry intelligence but also the technological background.

The team at LogiqueMantra has successfully developed customized mobile-based applications to serve the clients. Our applications have given the clients a unique mobile experience and at the same time our capable team enhances this mobile experience by developing integrated mobile-based applications.

We leverage the APIs touch capabilities and device-shifting modes to build scalable applications across varied technical platforms. The developers at LogiqueMantra explore the unlimited possibilities through its comprehensive set of development tools.

The team creates innovative, dynamic applications for devices like gaming software, organizers, media players, picture editors etc. for the clients. Thus, at LogiqueMantra, we enhance the mobile application capabilities by implementing the most effective marketing strategies, which in turn saves time and cost for your organization.

Android App Development

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Application Migration

At times it becomes necessary for the business to convert the applications designed for one operating system and platform to that of other. The conversions can be of two types. Type 1: Conversion from a desktop application to mobile…..

Application Redesign

If your application looks old and outdated we are there to rejuvenate it and give it a fresh new look. Our task is not only like putting old wine into new bottle but also refining its taste. We redesign the website in such a way that the visitor…..

Mobile Application Marketing

More than 3 million units of iPad have already been sold. These tablets are fast replacing the laptops and the applications need to be made compatible with the operating system and the platform of these too. Our expertise at….

Ipad Application Development

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Iphone/Ipod Application Development

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Mobile UI Design

User interface design is also called Human Computer Interaction (HCI).The user interface of the mobile phones varies from brand to brand and type to type. It is altogether different from that in the desktop PCs and laptops. We take utmost care…..

Quality Assurance

Usually and most of the times the mobile applications are put up for sale and utility without proper testing. In these circumstances it so happens that the user finds it difficult to operate the application mainly because the bugs had not been identified…..